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Ronald Dean Moye on the Value of Customer Satisfaction

December 8, 2011

by Ronald Moye
Perhaps the most important key to being successful in a business endeavor of any kind is building a product or service around customer satisfaction. Doing so can make a good company great. Some companies underestimate the value of customer opinions; following a few simple, basic tips can mean the difference between a potential customer enjoying their experience so much that they go out and spread the word or leaving unhappy.

Any major business leader should know that the little numbers count. Even if 85% of a business’ clientele is satisfied with their customer service experience, competent managers will look at the 15% who were not satisfied and consider what changes can be made to boost the percentage of satisfied customers to 100. Even if it seems impossible to have customer satisfaction across the board, the difference between a mediocre business and a great business is how hard it tries in spite of the odds.

A second, and perhaps even more critical part of ensuring customer satisfaction, is the attitude and competence of a business’ employees. An employee’s social skills can be the deciding factor between a good or bad customer experience. As such, insufficient training or a poorly designed hiring process can result in employees who are either ill-equipped to satisfy a customer’s needs or have no interest in the customer to begin with. A business staffed by well-trained, motivated personnel is more likely to have high customer satisfaction for these reasons.

There are a number of small but significant things to consider when it comes to customer service; attention to the smaller details may seem like a waste of time at first, but it pays off in the long term.

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